This is the sort of metablogging that, as I bravely denounced on a previous post, can be approached with pretentiousness and capitalist realism, and abused in order to develop some sort of career as a digital media business expert or something of the lke. But I find it due now, considering this abrupt change of platform (the posts preceding this one were actually installments of my “Domestic Affairs” newsletter, now defunct).

Delivering my writing via email to the interested seemed like a good idea. I thought that it would make the consumption of my writing “feel more personal”, that the writer-reader relationship (which, in some cases is meant to be inversed) would be closer that way, that we’d start conversations via an antiquated, disgusting (and still painfully necessary) medium. Whatever. I ignored how much most young people (including the writer) hate emails.

Just a scarce handful of those interested in my writing would like to receive it via email. And, on the other hand, the direct sending of materials severly restricted the range of topics I could write about. Newsletters are, above all, targeted. If someone decides to bear one more reason to check their emails because they liked an article I wrote about film, but only get posts about… cryptocurrency (🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔) for a month, they’re most likely to unsubscribe.

That way, the newsletter format contradicted the very reasons why I wanted to have a “writing space”, to put it in a pathetic term, besides the one conceced to me ocassionally in a publication or conceded to me irrestrictively on Nada Respetable. Here, I’ll compile miscellaneous observations and carry out brief, weekend investigations on topics of my interest, whatever they might be at the moment.

Some of this writing might make it to other publications, either on translation or reproduced. Some material that might have made it here will probably be destined to outlets. I don’t know, I’ll refer to them on this page as well.

I could still run a little blog-like thing on Substack, but that’s not what Substack is for, really, it’s a platform through which one can make and manage a newsletter with a monetization option (via Stripe). Whatever, and the aesthetics were really impersonal, and I didn’t really enjoy having very restricted control of the platform and being unable to create pages adjacent to my writing, and so on, and so on.

This blog runs on Jekyll and GitHub pages, with a version of the Minima theme modified by myself, which owes any charm it might have to Inter, a font by Rasmus Andersson.

For the time being, it lacks pagination as well as a comment section. The comment section has been replaced with a “Share” button, or rather, a “Comment this on Twitter” line. Twitter is the comment section.

The pagination affair is a whole other bag of cats.